Do you plan to visit Bali?  Bali is the most popular island in Indonesia. Beautiful scenery, beach, culture and temples are wonderful features of Bali. Bali is located between java and Lombok Island; western most end of Lesser Sunda Island. Bali was chosen as World’s Best Island by Travel and Leisure Magazine in 2009 and as the second Best Travel by Lonely Planet. It is evident that world recognize Bali as the greatest place for holiday.

What is Bali?

BalCandi Kuning at beduguli has various destination places for holiday. Both you like beautiful scenery and you who like seeing traditional practice that Balinese hold. When you visit Bali, you will find some traditional practice there like Ngaben, Nyepi or Traditional Dance/Balinese dances; Pendet, Baris, Legong, Kecak, Topeng, Barong and Gong Keybar. You can see Balinese practice those traditional dances in small house temple around Bali. Then, Ngaben (Traditional cremation ceremony) will be held in Bali when Rich Balinese passed out. Not all Balinese can do Ngaben because it needs a lot of money for this ceremony. Then, Nyepi (Balinese Hindu celebration) is ‘day of silence’ that Hinduism people celebrate once a year (Saka year). On that day, Balinese stay at their house and do not do anything even eating and drinking. No sound and activity that Balinese do, it is also for non Hinduism as well. If you go out at that day, you will catch by Balinese who have duty to do that.

Next, one of the most famous features of Bali is its nature. Bali has beautiful beaches like Amed Beach, Lovina beach, Seminyak Beach and Kuta Beach. Rice terraces and also mountains are available in Bali. When you go to beach, you not only can do what you usually in the beach, you will see scenery of Volcano Mountain. Then, you can also see rice terraces and feel light breeze there.