Where is Gunung Kawi Temple?

Where is gunung Kawi Temple? This temple is located in Ubud, Bali. This temple is place of King of Bali and his family. When you go there, you will walk through Tampak Siring street, there is also a rice terraces along the street. After you find sign ‘objek wisata gunung kawi’, you can park your vehicle in small parking area. Then you walk follow a stone paved path that lead you to the valley of the sacred river of parikesan. Along this river you will find rice terraces and you can enjoy the secenery.

You will find a small stone gateway that leads you to see historical and remarkable candi temple complex of Tampak Siring. There are ten candi in this site that represent the greatest candi in Bali. This complex candi is built by Anak Wungsu as an honor for his father King Udayana at 1090 AD. Some Balinese believe that this complex is a complex tomb of royal family. King Udayana and his family are buried in this place but there is no evident that this place has it. This place is just place where king family had been invited to attend ceremonies and it was the accommodation to house.

This complex candi is divided into three section, the first is at one side of the river there are four minor candi. The second is at other side there are five major candi and the last is tenth candi which is lay back between the two sides. People in Bali also believe that two massive rock-hewn cloisters are hedge of this site because of its structure; if you go there you will find it. Massive three-tiered roofs surmount the tenth candi, the candi is look like doorways which have a carved relief and there is no direction in the candi. That is why this complex candy still has some mysteries especially for its constructions. Balines believe that this place is scared place because there are tombs of the most powerful king and his family. Even there is no evident about it but the most important thing is how we keep that world’s heritage. Gunung Kawi Temple is located in north east of Ubud, you can reach this site easily and this place is really great destination for tourist who likes visiting historical and mysterious site. You can ask tour guide to visit this place to make sure that you get the right information about the history of this place.

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