Kuta Beach is the most famous beach in Bali

What is the most famous beach in Bali? It is Kuta Beach which draws thousands visitor every years. This beach is located in the western side of the island. It is also near to international airport Ngurahrai Bali. Wonderful scenery, rustic and quite fishing village are what Kuta beach present to visitor. This place is really crowded especially when holyday come; Christmas and New Year are time for tourists come to the beach. Over past years, Kuta has been a witness of growth of accommodation, shops and dining. This place transform into wonderful places with great facilitations. It also makes this beach draws thousands tourist both local and international; art lovers and beachcombers are really into this place, Many Australian tourists also visit this place. Visitor enjoys their activities in this beach. Even Kuta beach is really frenzied traffic but visitors always come to this place to see how beautiful view of seashore.

When you come to Kuta Beach, there are many activities that you can do relates to beach. You can enjoy surfing, kite flying, sunbathing, and swimming or just to have fun in Water Boom. If you spend days in Bali, you can enjoy those activities day by day. You can relax by paying masseurs there while you have sunbathing. Local people offer a message service for tourist and you can pay them appropriately.

Sandy beach is the main feature of Kuta and the most wonderful sunset outlook you can enjoy it there. Every early afternoon hundreds people gather in this beach just to see sunset there. While they enjoy sunset, they also have fresh drink and delicious food. It is suggested for visitors who visit Kuta to enjoy sunset in Kuta, especially on August. It is because the sunset is really spectacular on that month. There is also a popular place named Ground Zero that many visitors go to see, they put fresh flowers there to commemorate A Bali Memorial Bomb. Hundred tourists and Balinese passed away on that incident. Another reason that makes you should visit Kuta beach because this place is safe and clean even there are some vendors who enter this place haphazardly. Turtle conservation site is also spot that you don’t miss while visiting this place. Enjoy your trip to Bali and don’t forget to watch a wonderful sunset in the beach. After that, you can see some traditional dances in Kuta Theater.