Pura Besakih Temple in Bali

Do you know Bali has the holiest temple there? Most Balinese is Hinduism and it is the main religion that people believe in Bali. Pura Besakih Temple is the main complex Pura in Bali, there some Pura in Bali and Besakih the huge and the most historical pura. This pura was constructed with 1 main pura and 17 another pura. The most large and central Pura is Pura Penataran Agung, this pura is constructed in six level with terraced slope. In this complex, there are 23 separated temples. When you entrance the complex pura, you will pass Candi Bentar and there is a Kori Agung for the second gate away for second courtyard.

This is the scared place for Hinduism because this place is the first place where God divine revelation to human. Therefore, this place is location where Balinese Religion Hindu was born. There is no specific time when this complex Pura is built but it is possible if this Pura is constructed 2000 years ago based on its megalithic stepped pyramid. That is why this pura is a worlds’ heritance that we should keep. The location of this Pura is southern slopes of Moun Agung, the main Volcano Mountain in Bali.

Tourists local and international can visit this complex Pura by local tour guide around this place. Visitor will be charged with some amount of money to have visiting this location. They also offer a “prayer” and they will ask you some tips, if you refuse them, you will get an aggressive treat. Every year, there are seventy religious ceremonies held in this complex and this is based on Balinese Calendar (Pakuwon Calendar) 210 days.

Before you visit this complex pura, you should follow some local rules. For example you have to wear a traditional cloth before you enter the complex. In the gate away, there are some people who provide this cloth for visitor. Then, besides Pura Penataran Agung, Pura Basukian, Pura Batumadeg and Pura Gelap are the places that you do not miss to see. This complex pura is open every day from 07.00 to 17.00; you have much time to enjoy this place. You can have some food also here because there are many small shop served food, hotel, Bungalow and motel are available as well. You can sleep in this Pura but you have to bring a thick blanket because at the night it is really cold.

(Image source: Wikimedia Commons)