Pura Tanah Lot temple  in Bali

Do you ever heard the temple placed on the rock formation in the beach? Pura Tanah Lot temple  in Bali is a temple that located in Beraban village of Tabanan regency; it is about 20 km northwest of Kuta Beach. This place is a spot in Bali that you do not miss if you visit Bali. Both historical site and beautiful scenery of this place is really beautiful. Everyday many tourists either local or international visit this place to have a beautiful sunset outlook or see a traditional practices that held in Tanah Lot.

Rock structure of Tanah Lot Bali is not ordinary, that is why Balinese believe that this place is house of sea god; Dewa Baruna or Batara Segara. This spot is build by a priest ‘Dang Hyang Niratha’ with some Balinese, they also believe that there is a huge snake in the base of rocky structure which protect this Pura from devil and other bad soul.

Tourists who want to visit Tanah Lot should pay some money and they cannot enter tha sacrifice spot there. Even they cannot enter the place, they still can see a scenery around there that is really beautiful. To reach this place you need to walk along convenient pathway and you also will find some vendors who sell traditional food such as Kelepon, traditional food made out of tapioca flour with palm sugar-filled and it rolled on grated coconut. This sweet snack is popular among Balinese and the taste is also sweet.

The place is open for tourist from 07.00 to 19.00. If the large wave around this place, some Balawista lifeguard will lend a watchful eye along coastline and they take a shift to do that. In addition, if you visit Tanah Lot in the early afternoon, you must go to the Surya Mandala Cultural Park’s grand open stage near Batu Bolong. You can enjoy traditional dance ‘kecak’ or fire dance that performed everyday at 18.30 P.M. After that you can have a dinner in the sunset terrace with many variation food both local and international food. Scenery of high 15 m Tanah Lot Bali still can be seen from the restaurant. Besides that, there some luxury resorts there which provide a unique golfing experience and clear outlook of Pura Tanah Lot. Tanah lot temple pura is historical and valuable heritance that Bali has, you should visit this place if you travel to Bali because you won’t regret it.