Sanur Beach, Best Place for Enjoying Sunrise

There are many incredible places in Bali one of them is Sanur Beach. The tourist can go there in the eastern city of Denpasar. It is approximately only distance of about 10 Kilometers from the airport. If you go there from the airport by car, it just takes about 30 minutes. You can go there by used the car rental services if you do not have or bring a vehicle by yourself. One of best spot that you can get from this place is where you can enjoy the sunrise. This can be right spot for you who want to wake up early and then see the sun in the hotel or in the beach.
In other place in Bali such as Beach in Denpasar, you can enjoy for sun, but at this place of the beach you can feel the different sensation to see the view of beautiful sun. You can rent the hotels which are in the front of the beach so that you can feel shorter to go the beach. Even there are some hotels which are able in near of the beach so that you can the sun from the window of the hotel you rented. You just need to open the curtain or even the window so that you can get feel the warm of sun in the morning.

Best Place for Asking Kids to Play

You know that this place is Kid friendly so that you can invite or ask your kids to play there. In other words, if you want to go to Bali with family including kids, it will be a good idea for you to come to the beach. The kids can swim in the ocean with the calm and not deep sea condition. Besides that, the children also can play ball in the white sand. Even you can try sea walker for those of you who want to introduce your children to the underwater marine tourism. It is best way for your kids to know well about the way to use it from the instructor.
You can ask your child to sit at a beachside gazebo in the morning, while waiting for the sun. There are some perfect places for sight-seeing of the sun such as in the shoreline. Besides that, if you like sports, this beach also provides a place that can be used for walking around the path that stretches from north to south and at the seaside or commonly called as the place of jogging track.


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